Tuesday , January 19 2021

Sibanyui-Stylwarder says the five-month-old gold strike has been completed

Sibanyi-Stillwater announced on Wednesday that a five-month strike on its gold mines ended.

Sibanyi, the world's largest gold producer, lost about $ 1.5 billion in a pay strike called by the Association of Developers and Building Union (AMUK) on November 21.

The strike has been violated by violence and intimidation with the Minister of Mineral Resources Guadeloupe, saying nine people have been killed and more than 60 houses have been burned in areas around Carleton, where Sibanyi has two of the three gold mines.

Amku has signed an agreement with the other three trade unions signed in November, as well as accepting a cash payment of R4,000 for each of its 14,000 arrested members, as well as a soft loan of R5,000 to be repaid over 12 months.

"We are pleased to continue the strike of our golden operations without undermining other stakeholders or jeopardizing their rights," Sibany Executive Director Neil Froneman said.

Frontman did not agree with an agreement reached with three other syndicates at the gold mines in November, arguing that Sibanyi could not do so in the light of the deal; that it will reflect the bad faith for other trade unions; and that it will weaken the company's position in June in pay talks in the platinum sector with Amcu and other unions.

Sibanye will provide transport to return members of Amcu back to mines from their homes in rural areas.

"We are encouraged by Amku's commitment to peace and security. We hope that the relationship can now be rebuilt in a constructive way, for the future benefit of all stakeholders," said Fronoman.

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