Tuesday , January 19 2021

"Shoot the White Man" – The court heard the killer of Pete Mihalik traveling from KZN to perform a "blow"

Cape Town advocated Pete Michalick was killed in a well-planned hit by well-known killers for hire, transported to the city of Kwazulu-Natal to carry out an instruction: "Shoot the white man."

This was a picture painted by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kinear, a top police officer who is investigating the execution of one of the most sought-after lawyers in the defense of Cape Town.

Syzve Biella, Nsokinati Humalo and Vujile Maliti's recourse to the trial began in the courtroom for the war crimes court on Wednesday. They face charges of murder, attempted murder and possession of firearms and ammunition.

All three were intended to plead not guilty, denying any involvement in Mihalic's killing. He was shot dead on October 30 at the Green Point while leading the school.

Mihalic's son was also shot in the shooting but survived. His daughter escaped unharmed.

She was blamed for firing fatal shots and, according to the State, captured video footage from CCTV filmed by nearby houses that fled from the scene and shot a gun in a file, folder or bag they carried.

According to evidence from the prosecution, Bijela and Humalo were taken to Cape Town to carry out the attack, allegedly by Malithi.

The three, together with the fourth unidentified suspect, reportedly traveled in two cars – VW Polo and Renault Clio, apparently engaged by Malithi. The two were spotted on footage from CCTV in the area the day before the hit, and the morning of the murder.

Humalo was arrested less than an hour after Mihalic was shot dead when a traffic officer pulled over Clio he was driving and VV Polo behind him because he did not stop at the stop.

According to Kinnear's written statement, Maliti accepted his traffic in line, but Clio broke off and the driver later returned on foot.

The traffic officer asked Kumalo where his car was, and he replied that his passenger had run into him.

Maliti left the stage after receiving a ticket while the traffic officer asked Humalo to accompany him to look for the car so that the fine can be completed.

WARNING: Mihalic's murder – What we know so far

Kinear said the traffic officer was aware of the shooting and the cars involved when he arrived at the Sea Point police station with Humalo and informed the authorities that he might have a suspect with him.

Kinner himself arrested Biella after finding the mobile phone, from which he received several calls while he was with the police.

The alleged assailant was found on a bus on the Belville bus and the investigating officer said he recognized Biella from CCTV video footage, as well as his watch and shoes.

Kinear added that Bijela was warned of his rights and decided to answer his questions after his arrest.

He told an officer that he was at Sea Point that day because "Kumalo said the white man should be shot."

Kumalo also allegedly handed over the weapon used in the shooting. Not yet removed.

Humalo also responded to Kineaar's questions allegedly saying Malithi had asked him to kill a "white guy" the previous day. But he told him he was scared.

The next day they returned and drove Polo.

Malithi went to Johannesburg after the murder. He was found to have sold 11 gold Kruger Randy the same day Michalik was killed in Kenilworth and received 200 million cash.

Kinear said in his statement that Bijela and Humalo were known in their hometowns as "oppressors" who were used in the taxi hits.

Bijela, a father of two from Durban, told the court he was not formally employed but earned a living as a lender.

He has unsettled a case of an assassination attempt that was committed in Melbourne.

Humalo, the father of three of Empangeni, is a taxi driver with a charge of murder that is awaiting "who plans to turn the country's witness".

Maliti, a Blue Downs taxi driver, admitted he was previously convicted of driving in a drunken state, and theft. He also has a draw case of possession of suspicious stolen property.

All three said they intend to declare that they were not guilty of all charges.

The bail deposit procedure continues on May 10.

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