Sunday , April 11 2021

Samsung Galaxy Fold South African price is reportedly about 45,000

After the delay of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced last week, and the company pulled out of their event this week, things are a little suspicious about the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold South Africa and the date of issue.

Samsung announced it will host the Galaxy Fold event in South Africa in the second half of May, when commercial availability will be announced for the device.

The smartphone is blacked out of the media around the world after announcing damage problems during the days of reviewers using the phone. Broken screens and items caught beneath the screen caused great chaos for the hardware that resulted in damaged devices.

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Many reviewers even tried to break the protective layer that began to increase after use, without knowing that this should not have been removed at all. Then resulted in a completely broken display. After the questions continued, Samsung decided to postpone the launch for further internal investigations.

Speaking on MyBroadband during the launch of the Samsung 8K QLED TV range, South African South Africa's executive director Sung Yun said the Galaxy Fold is still on the way to launch in SA. It will be available in very low quantities mainly due to its price of $ 45,000. Yun told MyBroadband that the device will be rated around that figure when it will eventually be released in the country.

Samsung will offer unique post-sale services for the device, such as repairs, replacement and other conditional services. So you have it. The Samsung Galaxy Fold South Africa price will be around 45,000. Will you buy it? Let us know in the comments below.

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