Wednesday , April 21 2021

Ramaphosa confident of the "nice" ANC victory in the Eastern Cape

President Cyril Ramaphosa went on an offensive in Eastern Cape, telling members of the community that there is only one political party capable of taking the country forward and that is the ANC.

With less than two weeks to go to the general elections on May 8th, Ramaphosa took over the campaign block of the Eastern Cape ruling party on Friday. His first visit was Butterworth, where he dealt with people who appeared at the Msobomvu sports field.

"We all know who will win the election," said the president of the burning applause and the cries of affirmation. "I already know who will win the election, because there is only one political party capable of taking the country forward."

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It's time for a crisis when political parties end their campaigns before the May 8th elections. Eighty-eight political parties are expected to challenge this election this year – 19 more than the number of parties opposed to the 2014 general elections.

"I came here because I was told that the people of Butterworth want the ANC," Ramaphosa said. He continued, saying he was confident that the ANC would win the province with a "beautiful margin". According to the president, he has come across many people who say they will vote ANC during his campaign.

"People can see that the ANC is recovering itself. The ANC is uniting and getting better and better."

Ramaphosa reiterated these feelings when addressing supporters in Dimbasa, just before King William Town. He further told the supporters that by opening new jobs would be created.

The industrial parks in the province that are sleeping are destined to be used to create jobs, Ramaphosa said. "I would like some of the money [from foreign investment] to invest directly in the rehabilitation of the factories [in industrial parks] who employ most people in this area. "

On Saturday, in the capacity of head of state, Ramaphosa will celebrate the celebrations of the Freedom Day at the stadium Miki Yili in the Jaža district in Mahanda.

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