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Police have posted photos of "people of interest" in the attack on Judy Smalllet

Actor and singer Judy Smallett attended the festival's Imperia Festival in Los Angeles. Smollett claims he was the victim of a brutal racial and homophobic attack. File: Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP

Chicago Detectives reviewed Imperia's surveillance footage by Judy Smalllet walking to his Chicago apartment, but none of the video has shown that it has been attacked by two masked men, even though the investigators received pictures of people they would like to investigators say a spokesman for the police.

Anthony Gugelly's spokesman tweeted:

Investigators "for the most part" can confirm the road that Smolhet took early on Tuesday, when he says he was attacked along the street in the Street Street neighborhood after visiting the sandwich shop, said Gugglielmi. However, there are gaps, and none of the footage shows an attack, he said, although the review is ongoing.

Google said that the detectives, who were investigating allegations of possible hate crimes, viewed hundreds of hours of video surveillance from businesses and hotels in the heavily-monitored area. But he said they still need to collect and watch more. He said they are extending the search to include footage from public buses and buildings outside the immediate vicinity of the scene, hoping to spot men who match the Smollet's description of the suspects.

"No one has seen, at this point, responding to the description he has given. No one looks threatening, and we do not find any container," Guggllim said, referring to a liquid container that the actor said was thrown at him.

Smollett did not speak publicly about the attack, but his representative told the Associated Press on Wednesday night that the actor "is at home and recovering".

Now in its fifth season, the hour drama drama follows the African-American family as they move after the defeats and downs of the music industry. The character of Smollet is the middle son of the founder of the Empire, Loufts Lyon and "Cookie Lyon", played by Terence Howard and Tarazi P. Henson, respectively.

This picture provided by the Chicago police station and taken over by video surveillance shows two people of interest to attack the actor "Empire", Judy Smalllet, walking down the street in the Streetriverville neighborhood of Chicago. Picture: Thanks to the police department in Chicago through the AP

After the attack, Smollet returned to his apartment, and his manager called the police about 40 minutes later, Guggalmi said. When policemen arrived, the actor cut them and burned on his face and the rope around his neck that he said he was placed there by his assailant. According to Google, the 36-year-old later went to the Memorial Hospital in the Northwest after police advised him to do so.

The FBI is investigating a Smollett threatening letter sent last week to Fox's studio in Chicago, where the "Empire" was filmed, Guggalmi said. The FBI did not return the call for a comment on Wednesday.

Bobby Rush, a Democratic Congressman from Chicago, issued a statement urging the agency to conduct an "immediate investigation into civil rights for racist and homophobic attacks".

In addition to his acting career, Smollet has a music career and is a prominent activist, especially for problems with LBGTQ. The Smollett representative said his concert scheduled for Saturday in Los Angeles would continue as planned.

The report on the attack caused a flood of anger and support for Smollet on social media. Among the many celebrities and politicians who laid the ground was California Senator Kamala Harris, the presidential candidate for the Presidency of the Resolution 2020, who is familiar with Smollet. She called the attack "outrageous" and "terrible".

Some of the anger stems from Smolet's account for detectives that his attackers were saying that he was in "MAGA country", an obvious reference to the slogan "Making a Great American Campaign" at Trump's campaign.

Chicago has one of the most sophisticated and extensive video surveillance systems, including thousands of cameras on street pillars, skyscrapers, buses, and tunnels for a train.

Police said cameras helped them make thousands of arrests. In one of the best-known examples of camera use by the cabinet, researchers in 2009 could recreate the school's president's 20-minute ride around the city, singling out his car to several surveillance cameras to help them determine he committed suicide and was not followed and killed by someone else, as his friends had speculated.


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