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Pencils and Moringa – Set Cots Notebook for a Pure iPad (and Pencil) Existence – 2oceansvibe.com

As a result of being Apple fans, will you eventually get something they produce, with little or no thinking about practicality.

So I began to follow when and for what I used every device. I'm talking specifically about the MacBook Pro versus the iPad Pro.

Now I have never been a very visually creative person, but I got the new "2nd Generation" Pencil with My new iPad Pro. I could not think of when I would have to use the pencil (although I just had it), but then I found myself trying to explain a new idea of ​​packaging that I had for I was telling you about Morringa.

So I downloaded the Photoshop Sketch application and got busy.

Look, I'm not saying that my drawing is good or something, but I was very surprised at how easy it is to sketch something that makes sense to the point when someone understands what I had in mind. Ever since, I was showing an incredible talent with oils and I started to take classes. It was a joke.

I use the Pencil more and I especially enjoy it for making changes to PDFs or even taking notes. You are aware that long-term taking notes significantly increases the withdrawal compared to writing, right?

You can even receive notes to take notes about the crayfish who read your texts and let them search for keywords.

So back to the point of this article … My friends and I often compare the use of Screen Time on our iPhones (go to settings and set it up – it's pretty interesting) – mainly to see who uses Instagram more ( I am 16 seconds a day now), but I also get gases when people see my average ACCURATE time per day – which is more than six hours.

I must explain that I hardly use my laptop anymore. Nobody trusts me.

That said, I've been wanting to see if I need a laptop all these days. I used to use the keyboard on the iPad screen to send messages, but not when I have a lot to get a short period of time. I will always think that a bigger task, the more a laptop will be needed. Now my new one The iPad Pro comes with a sweeping keyboard built into the flap, so I started doing ALL my email on the iPad. In addition, the main things that I use my laptop are Excel, Dropbox, Word, Photoshop, Banking, Xero and WordPress.

They all usually have apps or web pages that connect to Cloud, so I try to find a need for my laptop. Also, I see that I have been charged for nearly a month in Adobe Photoshop on my laptop – what's the point?

The other day I was on my laptop and I had to do something in the picture. I knew it would be too complicated on Photoshop, so I sent the image to my iPhone, because I had one application that did what I wanted in a second. Then I sent it back to my laptop. How crazy is that?

I put my laptop in a drawer and the only time I needed to get it out was when I felt that I had a big deal to deal with, but that never seemed to happen. The keyboard widget I mentioned (and even the normal Bluetooth keyboard is perfectly connected), provides all the usual keyboard shortcuts that will previously need to use a full-size laptop keyboard.

Imagine buying or needing a complete laptop just because it has a keyboard. Please. Expanded. I am writing this now on my iPad, using keyboard shortcuts non-stop. Also with split-screen and multitasking functionality, it's not like your laptop provides extra desktop space.

I'm not sure how you are moving at the moment, but if you are busy making a decision, I seriously advise you Think about the iPad Pro with a pencil and keyboard – It's very cool.

And with the new screens, they are amazing for the media and reading, which is everything I used for my iPad for earlier – such waste.

Do not get me familiar with the live news and sport application DStv – finally, you can stop paying for your TV license!

If ever …

You can find the new iPad Pro, as well as the full range of Apple goodies, at Digicape, the largest independent retailer in South Africa.

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