Saturday , April 17 2021

Patrice Motsepe arms for Andil Mongzitam over "change of Botswana regime"

The BLF leader said that restricting the visas of Mestepo's sister, Radebe, had been sufficient grounds for believing that she had interfered in the neighboring country's internal policies. He added that the fact that Botswana was rich in diamonds and that MOTOPES was involved in mining is another reason to believe that the billionaire was involved.

"We know that Botswana's main mineral resource is a diamond, and Patris is in mining, so his sister Bridget will take away any reasonable person, and we will also have our Minister Radebe and our president who are connected to the same family that makes this most powerful family of the complex of mineral energies in the SA that mixes in Botswana, "he argues.

"So we believe that our statement is not slander or defamation, but a call for respect for Botswana's independence.

"This thing can be solved very easily. He simply has to tell us that he is not involved and we are open to having a dialogue with him if he thinks there is a misunderstanding that must be cleared if there is such a thing."

Motsepe's spokespersons said Mingxityma should not be committed to repeating his claim, they will sue him as a person, as well as BLF.

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