Friday , April 16 2021

Oh, no! Is Octavia To Fool Big Boy & Leshole?

I learned it the hard way, Skeem Saam spectators knew better than jumping with joy when Big Boy announced that he was trying to buy a house, and Octavia appeared to help him, knowing that bad luck can knock at the door of Mabitsela at any moment.

Big Boy and Leshole have the worst happiness on TV and tweeps always expect to see their father's father and son duo go through most.

Even Octavia looks like a decent agent for human and real estate, fans immediately expressed concern about its motives. Most connoisseurs felt that there was something "fish" about her interest in Mabitselas.

It does not help that Big Boy probably will not even have the money for the "big house" that is in mind. Fans are more afraid that he will lose all this, thanks to Octavia.

So now fans are playing the game waiting … Do Octavia Become a Cheater? Does Big Boy and Leshole really move into a bigger house?

Will Mabitsela get the joy they deserve once? The sounds had memories of their various predictions and feel about all this.

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