Saturday , January 23 2021

Mzanzi celebrities react to shocking clip of Senzo’s mother, Ntombifuti Mejiva

Many people, including the celebrities below, found the press conference distasteful, especially in light of Ntombifuti’s visible pain in that emotional interview.

Read the full celebrity reactions below.

With us Msengana:

“Tasteless. I said this yesterday in my show and I say it again. What the Ministry of Police did yesterday to hold a press conference on the sixth anniversary of Senzo’s death was really distasteful. It was contempt to open and dig wounds that did not heal as part of them.

“Knowing that Senzo’s mother mourns the death of her son and has not yet been closed because the police failed to resolve the case, it was disgusting to testify. Only a man who has never felt his son’s energy grow in him and has never felt the miraculous blows in him move, would sanction such a catastrophic display of disrespect. The mother also lost her son’s father’s knowledge. A disgusting patriarchy that does not understand that it is still in mourning. Wow “

Zola Hashatsi:

“Dear #BekiCele, what you did yesterday to the Meiva family on the sixth anniversary of their son’s death was extremely shameful, tasteless and strong. You are an apology for a minister and I wish you all the best. Also, use the same energy you put into closing clubs to fight RN and get our women kidnapped. I have no love or respect for you. You disgust me as a citizen of SA. “I say you’re a joke.”

Grace cleanser:

“The pain of the mother is the pain of every woman. We may never fully understand it, but it affects us greatly.# вукасензо and give peace to your mother. “

Florence Messi:

“Roasting in the full splendor of a nation that forgets about your constant pain, and then parades your pain when it serves as a common agenda. It must be the longest nightmare. My heart breaks for that mother. Let her find the answers she is looking for so she can begin her treatment. ”

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