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Mother says baby is angry for life after being "slit in the face during X-ray"

The mother said her baby daughter had a scar all her life after being cut in the face with a scalpel during a caesarean section.

Mother Amber Vollar, 23, underwent emergency surgery last year at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital after 72 hours of labor.

She says the newborn, Valence, was immediately taken to midwives, who then told her that her baby was born with facial deformities.

Amber, from Norwich, Norfolk, claims doctors said it was due to her baby's position in her stomach.

But she claims that the midwife and plastic surgeon later said the two inch cuts under the baby's nose could not happen in the womb.

Amber Woollard with her baby Valenci who claims she was cut in the face during part X

She said: "I see this as a serious case of neglect by the NHS.

"My dear girl is left with scars for the rest of my life because of this.

"The incident has shaken my faith in the NHS, I no longer trust them.

"When she was born, doctors told me that something had happened in the womb.

"Talking to other people, now I no longer believe it happened."

She added: "Seeing your newborn with facial injuries is really disturbing.

"I love her no matter what, but I worry about what the future may hold for her.

"I worry there may be problems when she starts school with other children.

"People may ask what's wrong with her face and that's really sad."

Valencia expected to undergo three surgeries in coming years to minimize facial scarring

Valencia is expected to undergo three surgeries in the coming years to minimize facial scarring.

Her mother said the scars would still be visible.

Amber, who worked as a caregiver before she became pregnant, added that she hoped her story could help prevent the same thing happening to other newborns.

Norfolk University and Norwich University Hospital said in a statement that it was "unlikely" what happened during the c-department.

A spokesman said: "We would like to reiterate Ms Wollar's apology for not fulfilling her expectations and the tribulation caused by her daughter's birth.

"The NNUH Maternity Sector aims to provide a high standard of care at all times, and we take every complaint seriously to see what lessons can be learned to improve future patient care.

Doctors say Valence's nervousness is caused by her position in her mother's womb

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"We are sorry that her daughter was born with signs of trauma to the face and have explained to Mrs Wollard why we believe the face masks were not very likely to have been caused by the scalpel used during a caesarean section.

"We will be happy to talk to Ms Wallace if there are any further questions or concerns."

Amber is using the GoFundMe fundraising website to raise money to pay for a second opinion because she no longer trusts the NHS.

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