Friday , January 15 2021

Moeletsi Mbeki: It's "nonsense" that Ramaphosa will be ousted after the election

President Cyril Ramaphosa. File: Oupa Mokoyana / African News Agency (ANA).

DURBAN – Political economist Moelets Mbeki said those who theorized that President Cyril Ramaphosa were in danger of being ousted after next month's general elections, "speak nonsense."

"The ANC is an institution, is not guided by individuals – how all institutions are not guided by individuals … so the influence of individuals on the institution – yes, they have a role, have an impact, but not a fundamental influence of politics," Mbeki said.

He spoke to the African News Agency (ANA) at the Hilton Hotel in Durban on Tuesday where he was set to appear as part of a panel at an event held by the Xubera Research and Development Institute.

People who said they support Ramaphosa, and not the ANC, will thus vote for the ANC over Ramaphosa, experiencing "a desperation for a messiah," he said.

"They know that Cyril was elected by the ANC and there were resolutions that he should implement that were adopted [at the December 2017 ANC] conference, and implements them as expropriation of land, humiliation of the embassy in Israel, etc.

"This is what the institutions are doing. He has no free hand to do whatever he wants." He was not chosen as an individual.

"Donald Trump was elected an individual, so he can have his policy, obviously within the constraints of the Republican Party. But Trump can negotiate with the Republican Party.

"Kiril has no space to negotiate, because he was not elected by the people as an individual," said Mbeki, and thus there is no need to remove Ramaphosa.

Those who say the president will be removed to end, for example, the State Inquiry Committee, chaired by Justice Vice-President Raymond Zondo, should remember that the commission was "created by the public protector," said he.

The commission had to be established because the constitutional recommendations of the public protector are binding, he said.

Similarly, those who say that Ramaphosa has been released from the controversial former head of the South African Revenue Service (SARS), Tom Moane, should remember that Judge Robert Nuñent recommended immediate dismissal from Moiana. "Kirill woke up and did nothing," Mbeki said.

Those who quoted the voting theories about Ramaphosa, "lived in a cuckoo cloud," Mbeki said.

"The middle class of white and black has a status quo, so they tell people to vote for Cyril to maintain that status quo," he said.

The African News Agency (ANA)

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