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Middendorp punishes Freis, but fights for Kaiser Chefs goalkeeper

"I'm not sitting here and I say," Oh, yes, yes. "Of course, I'm not happy with this.

"It happened now the second time – what to say? We have to work in the next 10 days and we must see who is in the goalkeers next Saturday.

"It's nice to protect the players we do, but on the other hand, you must be capable. It's an easy way to deal with this, and it's as simple as it is.

"Of course we did not reach the goal. But can not you solve this problem from behind, at the last stage?

"I'm definitely facing the facts and I fully understand that at some point the supporters are unhappy.

"It's not to throw someone under a bus, but we've lost it as a team, and we will definitely face it in a clear way.

"I see that. We have to design a training program for our achievement. Not only tonight, but on Sunday [in the 1-0 Nedbank Cup win against third division Tornado FC] We had scoring opportunities.

"This is one question, and the second is, of course, in the meantime, then it will hit the ball in your network, in the worst case, it happened, and that's what we need to face.

"It's white, or you can do it gray – no, it's a very clear mistake. It's not the right thing at this point, and that should not happen." "Not at this level."

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