Sunday , April 11 2021

Massive support for Selmor, gets new wheels from Impala …….. Range Rover

Popular afro-jazz musician Selmore Mttuji has received another confirmation from Imala's director Thomson Dondo after receiving the Range Rover from Impala.

Although Muthuji's death appears to have sparked a heated battle between Selmour and Tyuku's widow, Daisy, over the legacy of the legend, Selmore appears to have emerged as a winner after mass approval from the public.

According to X-Metro, it has not yet been determined by the announcement of what its role will be, but the reports are that Selmore will now be managed by Impala and owns the Range Rover (in the picture below).

Oliver was the ambassador of Impala.

"The odds are that she will take over from her father as an embassy ambassador, but I am not yet sure of the title she will wear," the source said.

The Black Spirits band is still under Daisy, and Selmor has a relationship with her dad's former friends who once worked for the band. Selmour was determined as a force to be considered when he blinded Andy Miller's fans in Harare at a show honoring Oliver Mtkoukji

Dondo was part of the show and immediately approved Selmour as the successor to the Thukou throne before giving her a car.

Impala has since replaced the smaller car with this larger Range Rover to seal their approval of the singer. Dondo was not available for comment until the moment of printing.

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