Wednesday , April 21 2021

Local government nailed as prices of Eskom prices and rates of payment reduce usage

"But that's not enough. Local self-government is in a coalition of providing services – a place where the government directly affects the lives of citizens." The impact of the history and development of the country can be seen on the ground. "

CA Cities Network suggests cities need a new business model.

"Each city faces unique challenges when setting its tax and tariff strategies and must take into account the mix of business and domestic consumers and household income.

"In structuring their tariffs for services and rates, cities need to provide municipal funding, and the retention of municipal accounts is acceptable …"

Ensuring that electricity tariffs have low connection costs, do not include fixed costs for low-income people and increase with increased consumption are among his proposals for metropolises.

• The impact of electricity on the business sector in the country also appears through company reports. On Friday, BusinessLive reported that the reduction in Eskom meant that the Anglo-American Platinum (Amplats) could not process 92,000 tons of metallic, representing about 12% of refined production for the first quarter of 2019. Based on the average price for platinum metals in the group three months, unprocessed metal had a value of 1.59 billion.

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