Friday , April 16 2021

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klop will leave Barcelona's star – Gary Neville Football | Sport

It is according to the legend of Sky Sports and the legend of Manchester United Gary Neville.

Sturridge was handed over only to the third Premier League victory against Huddersfield on Friday.

He missed the Anfield match because of a small muscle problem.

Origi is preferred by Sturridge in recent months when Firmino is either injured or rested.

Neville believed that it was the right decision to choose the Englishman for a visit to Huddersfield.

However, he can not see Sturridge, starting from Barcelona on Wednesday.

"I think because Huddersfield will play deeply, Liverpool will have the most part of the ball, sometimes you need someone with little creativity," Neville said.

"And I think Daniel Starig is doing well in tight spaces.

"If this was a game away from home in Barcelona and Firmino was wrong, then definitely Origi will play.

"He will have more energy, more pressing, more stuff in the background.

"I think tonight, because it's Huddersfield, Liverpool will dominate the game.

"I think it will fit Straddis and he's a shooter."

Liverpool play Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals.

Jurgen Klop's side is trying to reach the second final final match.

They will face either Tottenham or Ajax in the final in Madrid, if they pass Barcelona.

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