Sunday , January 17 2021

Liverpool fans respond to Mo Sal's photo and Edmund Hazard

Liverpool fans seized a photo of Mo Salah and Edem Khazas, posted on Twitter, joking that he was on his way to Enfield.

The Egyptian surprised his colleague in Chelsea on Sunday, when he hit the ball by more than 25 yards. The goal was raised by Copp and reinforced Liverpool's ratings at Anfield.

The goal of Sala won his record for 19 years for the season, linking Sergio Aguero to the top of the Premier League charts for the season.

After the match, the former Chelsea forward set him up with his friend An Hazard.

The two are very close to flying ahead of those who are desperate to stop each other for the title of best in England.

While it's a debate for another day, it's great to see two players who are major rivals who have close relationships.

Twitter fans joked about Hazas's future, and some say Sala wants to come to Liverpool, others claim he wants Belgian luck in Real Madrid.

Signing the danger is likely to cost £ 100m this summer, but just imagine it in Liverpool. It is undoubtedly that he will fulfill his incredible potential.

Of course, it is unlikely that the Reds will spend so much on anyone this summer.

You can always dream!

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