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Kyle Brink on the fight for the port of Bock

Warren Whiteley's injuries will present the show's Springbok, hoping Cyle Brink against Highlanders in the spotlight, writes JOHN GOLIAT.

Goodness knows where Brick could be in the Springboke's practice if he did not experience a knee injury before the season's rugby champion against Argentina in 2018.

Instead of getting a chance to make the BOK TO 7 T-shirt, it's hard to deal with Brick had to observe Peter-Vich du Toit to make some of his best career achievements in order to consolidate his place in a loose trio in South Africa in a predictable future.

Brink had a remarkable campaign of 2018 Super Rugby for the Lions in the race to the finals, and probably was their best player in the Championship against powerful Crusaders. Brink is a great guy who can be disastrous with the ball and in his hand and is a very aggressive defender. He was surely going to look in for Springboks after these appearances.

It was not to be, but now Brick is again hurt and can impress again when Lyons take the Upper Ellis Park on Saturday afternoon. Brink replaced another hopeful Liverpool, Lyon captain Warren Whitley, who would miss the knee injury.

Whiteley has just made four Launches starting this year after an injury injury campaign. Former captain of Springbok also is still looking to impress the selectors, but there is a need for contests to cement his place in the World Cup team.

"It's not nice for him or for us," said coach of Lions Swisse de Bruin. "Warren is such an avid man and he just wants to play rugby. I really feel for him."

"He's in, and then he's out, and it's obviously a little disruptive, for him and for us. But at least we have a depth of quality between looses ahead and we simply have to adjust again for this weekend."

Lions – 15 Andriez Ketzi, 14 Cornal Sosan, 13 Lionel Mapo, 12 Harold Worster, 11 Aphove Diamond, 10 Elton Jantes, 9 Ross Crowne, 8 Quagga Smith, 7 Kyle Brink, 6 Manus Schoman, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Stefan Lewis, 3 Karl Sadie, 2 Malcolm Marx (c), 1 Dylan Smith.
Reference: 16 Jan-Henning Kampper, 17 Sti Sitole, 18 Johannes Jonker, 19 Vincent Tshituka, 20 Haddivah Daimani, 21 Nick Zhut, 22 Sean Reynolds, 23 Tyrone Green.

Highlanders – 15 Matt Faddes, 14 Jordan Hayland, 13 Rob Thompson, 12 Tehorangs Wald, 11 Sio Tomkinson, 10 Josh Ioannes, 9 Aaron Smith, 8 Shannon Friesel, 7 Luke Bailey, 6 Dylan Hunt, 5 Tom Franklin, 4 Josh Dickson, 3 Tyrrell Lomax, 2 Liam Coltman, 1 Aiden Johnston.
Reference: 16 Ash Dixon, 17 Daniel Leenert-Brown, 18 Seat Tolokahi, 19 Jack Etton, 20 James Lentes, 21 Kane Hamilton, 22 Dan Hollingshead, 23 Waysake Naholo.

Photo by Martin Hunter / Getty Images

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