Tuesday , January 26 2021

Kodak Black releases TI Diss Song "Soon"

The salaries of Kodak Crn and T.I.

After Tip tied his talent, Kodak Black returns with his expression called "Expeditively," inspired by the word "Type", which he used when he summoned him about his careless comments about Nipsy Husse's girlfriend Lauren London.

Kodak not only strives for the Council, but also removes his wife Tiny. "How do you tell me what is coming out of my mouth, you do not even know that Nipsey / Little bitch is ugly like hell / I do not even like Piggy", he stuck the "ZEZE" MK.

He continues: "I can not beat you ** as you told me" give me a long sentence "/ I know that I keep the regiment, and I'm not any, I know some Rollin 60s and I am violent & # 39; my lonely, but I keep some Zoes with me. "

He also seemingly calls 6x9in and the game, which put the explosion on his remarks about London. "Young do not ** cling to the code, because I do not condemn evil" / I do not go out like he rapper, I do not want to make any warning, "Kodak adds." When he said my name on television, that boy was brave Witness / On the news, see T.I. I, that boy has no feelings / They say that the game striptease / Old heads are not affected by anything, I say that the boys are joking. "

Beef began after Kodak said he would follow London after Nipsy's death. The Council broke it ("You're out of your pocket, NI ** a. Correct this outrage … quickly, expeditiously") and took out his exhibition from the Museum of Music at the Trap Museum in Atlanta, for which Kodak woke up at the museum. "Fuck him mousse," he said. "I did not give you permission to put me in any case."

Kodak later claimed that T.I. he was directing him, since he himself was interested in following London. "Hey just want the first spots on it," Kodak said during Instagram livestream.

Over the weekend, Tip seemed to look at his disciplinary direction towards Kodak. "I am conditioned to see the vision, you / I do not care if you are 81 or 22," he said. "It all went back and forth before and then back to what I said and I meant it."

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