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"Kill us in the butt" – Ramaphosa tells the business sector

President Kiril Ramaphosa told the business sector to bring down the government "in the back", where people feel that there are inhibitors of growth that is not solved, prompting the private sector "to be ready to go out and speak strongly."

He thanked the business community for his speech at Business Enzback at Midrand on Tuesday, praising leaders for being "brave, sincere and not calming your words."

Ramaphosa acknowledged that the government had "falsified" and did not pay attention to what should be done to open up the spectrum for an Internet connection before intervening in the business.

"And in the end, this is a nearly fly wheel that can get the economy to work, you could have made us sit down and discuss it properly," Ramaphosa said.

He also praised the business of raising concerns about high levels of government debt, state-owned state-owned enterprises and wage increases in the public sector.

He promised to sit down with the unions to discuss this.

The business has become increasingly louder against the government under the administration of former President Jacob Zuma with many senior leaders and business associations, openly criticizing the government's reconstruction and political decision.

Policy for hoofing

Ramaphosa continued with the topic of "nine lost years" at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, saying the policy was "almost made up of hooves" over the past nine years to advance certain interests that led to political insecurity and inconsistency.

He acknowledged that the government had a "little Achilles heel" in securing policy security and in the future would say that politics should be discussed in a common, transparent manner and not only can benefit from certain groups of people.

Ramaphosa referred to criticism of the number of ongoing commissions of inquiry, saying the country is going through a very cathartic moment when all the wrong things are distorted.

"There is a moment when these pipes have to be repaired and must have responsibility, what we will do"

"And with that, we will all need to hold hands … to face it, there is such an idea that people will oppose, those who benefit from wrongdoing will fight back and so we have," said he was applauding business delegates.

Previously, on the margins of the indie, business sectors presented their five-year plans to the president at a meeting led by former constitutional negotiator and head of the Transition Initiative, Professor Red Mayer and Gordon's business science professor, Nick Binell.

Ramaphosa said the new Public Private Growth Initiative (PPGI) showed the possibility of growth of 5% -7% over the next five years. It is projected that the World Bank will grow to 1.3% in 2019.

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