Sunday , April 18 2021

Kgalema Motlanthe defends the parliamentary list of the ANC

Former President Kgalema Motlantte defended the controversial parliamentary list of the ANC and issued a subtle warning to his party about the names appearing on him.

Answering questions from the media during a visit to the ANC pavilion at Rand Fair on Friday, he said – without mentioning the ANC – that the party's parliamentary list did not have to meet the expectations of the citizens of South Africa.

"Our electoral system is proportional representation at provincial and national level, and therefore elections are supported by political parties, not individuals. The internal processes of each party in terms of generating and finalizing its lists are something that can not be expected to live up to the expectations of the general population, "he said.

But he also issued a subtle warning to the party, which drew broad criticism for involving party members implicated in capturing the state on its national list.

"Each party must ensure that it nominates and puts on its lists people who will inspire confidence. Any party failing to do so is at risk and the risk of falling to the party doing it with their lists" , he said.

Asked about the comments he made in the BBC interview two years ago, in which he said the ANC would have to lose elections to rebuild, Mettal explained that this was taken out of context.

"The point I was doing was that I was the leader of an election conference and I said that the election conference is a great opportunity for the ANC to be renewed, but it will still have much courage for the ANC to be restored at that conference," he said.

"Then I continued to say, if I fail, if the opportunity is not recovered, then I will ask the ANC to hit the cardboard floor, such as the loss of the elections, in order to reduce the fall."

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