Saturday , September 18 2021

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s royal tour labeled “PR move” as Twitter shakes

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are missing out on their Royal Train tour, which will make 10 stops in England, Scotland and Wales to meet with key workers and individuals to thank them for their efforts amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many turned to social media to express their opinion:

“Isn’t zoom enough?” Wouldn’t paying for key workers’ pleasures be a moral stimulus? “It sounds more to me like royal kingdoms wanting a merry train ride before Christmas (to be fair, I would like one!),” One Twitter user wrote.

Other Twitter users even marked the move as a PR trick.

“The Royal Tour is not what we need at the moment. Prince William and Kate are absolutely deluded. You can have other ways to thank our front-line staff than to encourage people to gather. This is nothing but “PR-trick to see how popular they are,” wrote the angry user.

“Everything has to do with themselves (it has nothing to do with the workers) in the midst of a pandemic, they want to pull this PR trick … #RoyalTrainTour makes sense. They can pledge their support in a different way. This is not it. “Prince Ego of William and Kate needs to be controlled,” wrote another.

“It’s a PR trick nothing more. They need to find a more sensible way to use their platform and show support.” Royal train tour “what ego do Prince William and Kate have,” said another.

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