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Huawei won't unlock the Mate 30 series' bootloader

For the few people who knew what "unlocking the bootloader" meant the last day or so must have been a rollercoaster of nervous emotions as Huawei backtracked on Yu's claim.

Giving users access to the bootloader would basically mean allowing OS-level changes to the way the Mate 30 Pro. Users would be able to sideload Google Play Services and other Google apps.

Most excitingly for the more technically minded smartphone users, they would be able to install other operating systems. “We are limited [bootloader unlocking] because we wanted to guarantee more security for consumers.

But this time we will leave more freedom for consumers so they can do more customization by themselves. So we're planning to let consumers do that. ”Said Yu at the launch in Munich.

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The problem is bootloader access is locked down for a reason on phones. Much like root access on a Linux system with great power comes great opportunities to do damage.

While this may seem like a good idea, it's easy to see how an attempt to circumvent the US ban on the Mate 30 Pro without Google applications is a potential nightmare support.

Giving users greater access to customize their phones sounds great in practice and would make the Mate 30 Pro hugely popular amongst the few thousand people with the patience and know-how to make changes.

Allowing the unlocking of the bootloader would really move the needle for the majority of users who just want their phones to work out of the box.

This is the problem Huawei is facing, and it seems that the problem Yu has been clutching at straws since shortly after he announced that the Mate 30 Pro bootloader would be unlockable, Huawei made a statement confirming that was definitely not the case.

Huawei needs to find some way to make it possible for their users to get Google apps running on their machines safely and easily if they hope to compete with Samsung and Apple long term.

The google apps and services are so critical to the android experience that it seems unlikely that the Mate 30 Pro sales will be able to gain any traction with the Chinese company hoping that users are happy with their home-brewed alternatives to Googles best apps and services.

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