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Google will begin disassembling on Google+ next week

Google's social network, Google+ will begin to disappear by next week, as the company is preparing for an eventual closure of the site in April.

The technical giant will begin no longer accepting new Google+ profile creations "on February 4," Google announced, before closing the door to the service for all users by April 2. Members are invited to download and save any content on the social network before the date of disconnection.

"On April 2, your Google+ account and all the Google+ pages you created will be closed and we will begin to delete content from Google+ user accounts," Google said. "The process of deleting content from Google+ user accounts, Google+ pages, and album albums will take several months, and the content may remain at that time."

Google first announced plans to close Google + in October, after a flaw discovered earlier in the year has released personal data to 500,000 people. It initially set a closing date in August 2019, but decided to move it by April after the emergence of the second bug on the platform.

Google+ is also used as a third-party sign-in button – this will stop working in the coming weeks, although in some cases it will be replaced by a standard Google Account button.

However, the site will live for business users who use Google+ for G Suite. Google + was first launched in June 2011, but struggled to compete against Facebook in the social media sector.

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