Sunday , April 11 2021

Fraud in the case of the resurrection accused the action of identity with two other people

One of the two accused of fraud in connection with the false resurrection in the Alleluia Ministries International shares his identity with two other people.

This was revealed at a court in Johannesburg, where they are charged with three charges of fraud, Nkululeko Dlamini (35) and Silundians Grace Sibanda (40).

Dlamini appeared confused as he was brought to the harbor, while Sibanda held a stern look on her face.

The state asked the case to be postponed to confirm the identity of Dlamini after announcing that he shares his identity with two other people, despite having a passport from Zimbabwe.

Prosecutor Mszmo Mate told the court that the interior ministry had asked him to meet with Dlamini and two others who shared the same identity with him.

"Homework asked all three people who use the same ID to meet with them to check how this happened. They will be required to bring documents so they can determine how this happened," Matte told the court .

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