Sunday , April 11 2021

Ford promises to fix poor safety in its cars

Ford South Africa says he is aware of the security problems of some of his older EcoSport and Fiesta models and works on the solution.

It reacted to a series of social media complaints, where users shared video footage of the brand vehicles in which they split. Hundreds of Ford drivers complain that they have lost valuables such as laptops and bags, arguing that their cars are easily broken due to poor security features.

Owners say door locks are easy to choose and no car alarm is set.

In response, Ford released a video on its Facebook and Twitter platforms, citing Craig von Essen, manager of Ford's corporate transformation.

"We at Ford take the safety of the vehicle very seriously. While new vehicles are not affected, we are aware of some older EcoSport and Fiesta vehicles that target criminals," said Von Essen.

"In some breaks, we found that the alarm does not sound, even though the immobilizer is still active.

"We really complain about the inconvenience of our customers and we will soon begin the following improvements:

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