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Floyd Mayweather rules over 50 cents of beef

The beef between the Floyd Mayweather Junior and 50 Cent fries has been stellar for some time, but all it takes is wind to cause some trouble among entertainers. Seemingly out of nowhere, on Saturday (August 10th), Floyd decided to shoot at the Queens rap magnate.

Floyd landed on Instagram and delivered a full-fledged dissertation on his perception of a career decline in the 1950s, which the boxer believes began with losing a famous battle with Kanye West during the first week of selling their albums from 2007 Curtis and Graduation.

"Those were just four shots that ended Curtis-Jackson's rap career," Floyd began before the breakup.

“1. You tried desperately to revive your career by going head-to-head with Kanye West and staggering publicly, taking a unanimous decision loss, "wrote Floyd. “2. Jay Z has been killing the champagne game with Ace Spade, selling it around the world at premium prices for more than a decade, while Curtis got a cheap chess bottle on it that tastes like shampoo, "he added.

Mayweather then tried to clone the business efforts of the 1950s into headphones and vodka.

"3. The Dre headphones were a headset at home, we all know that. But what the hell were Curtis' SMS-audio headphones? It was some direct dialing that Fed had to do with it. These are snitch headphones. car and listen to people talk in the car next to you, "he claims." 4.Did got Ciroc and it still sells all over the world and you can't find Efen in any department store. rubbing alcohol.

It is not clear what caused Floyd to fast. 50 performs tonight in Mayweather's neck of the woods in Las Vegas. Fif's yet to respond, but it shouldn't take long.

Check out Floyd's post below.

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