Wednesday , January 20 2021

Evotel shows the identity of the new brand, because it is based on strong growth

Fiber with open access to the home (FTTH) network operator Evotel put on a new jacket to celebrate his growth over the past five years and reaffirm his mission: to simplify hair and bring it to every home in South Africa.

“We started an exciting journey and went through a complete visual transformation to imitate the great success we had. “We want people to know that we are here for business and that, although it is still seen as the ‘new kid on the block’, we are ready to make an even bigger impact,” said Bradley Becker, head of business development at ” Evotel “.

Since its inception in July 2017, Evotel has amassed a customer base of 6,900 customers and is preparing for even bigger things.

“Evotel starts the next chapter of our exclusive trip within the local network FTTH. It was time to refresh our image, making it clear that we are a company to watch out for. “It’s time for a change and for us to disrupt the world of hair, making it easier for everyone to access hair than ever before.”

Evotel is for everyone who wants to connect. The company delivers a stable and uncompromising fiber network to all South Africans. “We are run by a team of passionate and experienced individuals who aim to provide an unwavering service to anyone seeking fiber connectivity. For us, Evotel means “Hair for everyone,” says Becker.

“More than a slogan”

“Hair for everyone” is more than just a new slogan – it is a motto that drives the energy of the company and every decision it makes and proudly bears the new logo.

“In a saturated market, we had to increase our game and become immediately recognizable. The focus on building the brand image has suffered as a result of our commitment to building the best possible fiber network. We had to do something to stand out from the rest. “I am convinced that people will agree that it will be impossible to miss them with our bright, new colors of EVO-tilz.”

Although the company is announcing a complete update of its visual identity, Evotel remains a trusted FTTH network provider as it has become known and continues to put customers first. Becker says: “At Evotel, we have always taken care of our customers and provided fast , quality service with a drop cap. Wherever we install a fiber network, it is always at the heart of improving the community. “It is our belief that the world is open to anyone who has access to the Internet and, through the delivery of fast, secure fiber infrastructure, we are confident that we can make a difference for the better.”

Bradley Becker

The company has demonstrated its commitment to education through its School Project, which provides free internet access to all schools covered by its network. According to Becker, enriching the education of those students remains part of the company’s mission.

“We will always do the right thing for our clients and value morality and ethics above all else.” Integrity is at the heart of our business. Every Evotel employee is passionate about what we do and strives for the same ideal – to be the best in every aspect. “Our new logo and fresh look are dedicated to them and the innovation they demonstrate.”

For Evotel
Evotel is a provider of infrastructure with network access to fiber to the home, which provides a stable and uncompromising network to all homes in the suburbs. Evotel works in partnership and with the support of the community and the local municipality. The company has an experienced and passionate team that is committed to the services they provide. Visit for more or connect with the company on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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