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EUROPE POWER – prices on Monday were mixed up, France was higher when temperatures began to fall. Agricultural products

(Includes a French spot that does not trade in the morning, updates prices)

FRANKFURT, November 16 (Reuters) – European electricity prices next Monday were mixed on Friday in the wholesale market, as the forecasts indicated a probable doubling of expected German wind energy supplies, while French nuclear supplies have tightened and demand increased.

* The expected strong inflow of wind power outweighed the higher demand in Germany for prices, while in France they increased in the bullish local scenario.

* German demand for deliveries on Monday fell by 6 percent, at 54.5 euros (62.16 USD) per megawatt hour (MWh).

* Equivalent French position increased by 7.7 percent to 73 euros.

* German wind production will increase to 21.7 gigawatts (GW) on Monday, while 10.2 GW of Refinitiv Eikon data was expected on Friday.

* German demand for energy is expected to increase by 1.3 GW on Monday, when it should amount to 70.1 GW.

* France's energy demand is set to increase by 7.2 GW to 65.2 GW, as households in this country benefit to a large extent from electric heating, significantly exposing prices to weather conditions.

* The average temperature in France is likely to fall by 5.5 degrees Celsius to 5.1 degrees on Monday and will reach an average of 4 degrees next week, below seasonal norm for one year.

* The availability of French nuclear power has fallen by 2 percentage points to 74 percent of maximum capacity.

* The inflow of power was mixed because German prices were falling down in response to insignificant gains in the carbon market, while the French curve stopped.

* Expiration of CO2 emission rights in December 2018. It was 1.6 per cent more, at a price of 19.3 euro per tonne, below the highest daily level of 19.74 euro.

* The basic contract for supplies for 2019, the European benchmark, was 0.8% at the level of 52 EUR / MWh.

* Equivalent French contract Cal & # 39; 19 added 1 percent to 58.5 € / MWh.

* API2 commercial carbon for Europe in 2019. It has grown by 0.6% to USD 87.9 per ton.

* In news about the media, Germany withheld claims for damages in the amount of EUR 4.4 billion from Swedish Vattenfall in connection with the closure of two German reactors in 2011, calling for the suspension of judges in the US arbitration court. (1 $ = 0.8767 euros) (Reporting by Vera Eckert, editing by Elaine Hardcastle and Adrian Croft)

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