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Do they come back together? – Hollywood life

Again, the couple can again return to "Cardi B" defend offset in a tweet! Read in for new details about their relationship!

"I like it" rapper Cardi B.26, took her to Twitter to defend her partner, a member of Migos, who is a partner and full-time Offset, 27! While answering several Twitter fan tweets on Jan. 25, Cardi stood up for the father of her six-month-old daughter, Culture.

"We do not like Offheat," said the Twitter fan, playing with the name of Offset to summon his fraud in the indictment while he was married to Cardi. In the now-wiped tweet, the mother-to-one quote-Twitter to the user, and said: "I do not culture," with a rejection emotive. We are not sure why Cardi wiped out a tweet to defend her maybe a partner, but we managed to save a photo before she did it!

This tweet may be a sign that Cardi and Offset really come back together after having previously divorced in December 2018. Cardi from Instagram said that she and Offset "were out of love," but they may have returned to her. And if they are trying to do that, we hope to treat her as a queen that she is. It includes helping when Baby Culture has a cold for the next time! The new mother, Cardi, is likely to use the aid, and most likely enjoys seeing the culture and the father's relationship.

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"Cardie really feels that Offset should prove to be a changed person and there is no time for it, "said a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife. "She it feels like it needs to be put into the work, which he did. B.ut she should feel comfortable and confident that he has changed and learned from his mistakes. "Only time will tell if Cardi can forgive Offset and move from his alleged indecision!

Well, if she already shares publicly that she "wants" offset on her account on Twitter, it means that the two are at least on good terms for now! We are sure that Offes is happy about it – for his birthday in December, he wished one thing: Cardi. Perhaps his wish for a birthday has come true!

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