Sunday , April 11 2021

Djiba wants to stay in government while opposed to her dismissal from NPA

Djiba said he can reassure Ramaphos that she will not be taken away by the executive and lawlessness of her right to serve her country, which is her call.

File: Nomkombo Djiba. Picture: EWN.

PRESIDENT – The head of former prosecutor Nomkombo Djiba says he will contest President Cyril Ramaphosa's position that he is disqualified to serve any other position in the government.

It turned out that in her representations for the Mokgoro Commission's report, Jiba demanded that she be sent to senior posts in the government.

The president denied the report saying that Jiba lacks the qualities required of public officials.

A stoic Jiba in the statement, she can provide Ramaphos that she will not be seized, by the executive power script and fiat, of her right to serve her country, what is her call.

She said Ramaphosa 's decision to declare a banned civil servant will not be investigated, but it is not clear which government department she believes will hire her.

Djiba argues that the committee's findings were the most unscrupulous to her, however, despite the pain she felt, a loving guarantee of what she called divine providence.

The representative said he expects to engage Parliament when it discusses the issue of its removal from office.

Djiba also confirmed that he will take the findings and recommendations of the Commission for review.

Lawrence Mervley declined to comment.

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