Saturday , June 12 2021

Denis K. racism tweet arouse debate

JOHANNESBURG – The comments by local singer Danny K that "insufficiently white people call racism" have sparked online debate.

In the series of tweets, Denny K – real name Dani Koppel – said white people should admit they benefit from the marginalization of people of color.

"You do not have to wake up to get it, for the most part, benefiting from the marginalization and exclusion of people from color," he wrote.

Human Rights Report: Racism is the most common complaint

On You hurt so badly the singer encouraged the white people to own their privilege and pay for it.

"Own your privilege, appreciate it and pay it forwards," he added.

His tweets have caused a lot of defeat in many people, accusing him of singling out one race for the country's problems.

Despite the big reaction, the singer received massive support from people who said it was important to have an open dialogue on racism.

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