Wednesday , April 21 2021

Chelsea News: Sari insists critics are wrong, and season on his side is successful

The blues boss defended his record because the match was warming up in the quarter-finals, before the game against the key rival

Maurizio Sari believes that the Chelsea season has so far been successful, as he points to the achievements in cup competitions along with his side's efforts to finish in the top four.

As they go to Old Trafford on Sunday, Chelsea will seriously damage Manchester United's hopes of football in the Champions League next season, and will even manage a draw.

Arsenal and Tottenham are the other two teams that compete in the fight for places in the European elite competition, while Manchester City and Liverpool have already secured their seats and are focusing on their title races with each other.

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Despite Chelsea's challenge, which is very short, Sari is satisfied with his first season, while Blues also lost the final of the Karaboa Cup in Manchester City and has progressed to face Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League semi-finals.

"We played the final, we lost the finals for the penalties," Sary told reporters at the Kobam Training Center, "We are in the semi-final in the Europa League, we are fighting for the top four, so the season is right now.

"Of course, we have two very, very strong goals: we want the top four in the Premier League and currently we want to go to the final of the Europa League. If we can reach the final, then we will want to win the final.

"And so I think that the season is, at the moment, a good, of course, a very difficult season. We lost in the wrong way two or three games, so the feeling is sometimes worse.

"But if you look at the season, we do well, I think that, of course, it's just the first step, we need to improve more, but we have to become competitive on the top, but the first step is good."

Chelsea go in a game with Ole Gunnar Solskayer's side recently lost to Liverpool and made her home against Burnley. Sarrie's side can not afford more skating in the last three league matches.

Gonzalo Higuain was spotted reacting furiously to be kicked out in Monday's match against Burnley, as Chelsea chased a winner that never came in, with the match finishing 2-2.

Sari says he is happy about the attacker's reaction and believes he is more angry because Chelsea is not in the lead after being kicked out of the game.

"In my opinion, he was really very angry over the situation on the ground, because we did not win," added Sari. "I have not spoken to him, I am really happy if a player wants to play, he wants to react, but I think he is really very nervous about the situation because we did not win.

Gonzalo Higuain Chelsea 2018-19

"The situation on the ground, as you have seen it, was very difficult against opponents who did not want to play. So it was frustrating, his situation, I think."

Chelsea and Burnley were involved in warm-up scenes at the end of the match, after claims were made that Sari was called Italian "Italian" by Sean Diesche's coaching staff.

The clubs were in discussion at all levels to resolve the incident and would not take further action by the FA, although initially it was so disturbed that Sari ordered his assistant Gianfranco Zola to perform his duties for the press-match .

Sarrie admitted that he was called worse before in Italy, while refusing to confirm exactly what kind of insult was used on Monday, and insisted he was happy to put the incident behind him.

"I think that on the pitch in every game, there is a strong discussion. Sometimes a player against another player.

"Sometimes a trainer with the coach, but in every match, there are many nervous moments. As you know, sometimes I made many mistakes on the pitch, but under pressure, it can happen. Something may be said sometimes that is not in your mind.

"I think the situation is over and I prefer that the situation is over. I think the two clubs spoke and agreed that the situation is over. I agree with the two clubs."

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