Sunday , April 18 2021

Cheating man kills wife, shares a bed with a corpse

Husband Victoria Falls, a man, reportedly fired harshly and hit his wife before sharing the bed with her unwed body at night, not knowing she was dead for long.

Jafe Maffumo, 41, from house 2525 Chinotimba suburb blamed his wife Anastasia Tusuma (44) for gossiping about him with neighbors.

This was after Mapfumo heard Tshuma tells a neighbor, Caroline Masuku, for his infidelity.

Chief Inspector of the Matabeleland Police, Sifiu Makonese, confirmed Mafumo's arrest for allegedly hitting and hitting Tumuma and causing her death on Monday night.

"On April 22, at around 11 pm, Anastasia Tumuma, now deceased, visited a neighboring Ms. Caroline Masuku and told her that her husband, Japtee Mafumo, was cheating on her.

"While telling her story, defendant Muffomo, who appeared sober, arrived and heard her talking about him," said the head of Insp Makonese.

Muffumo accused his wife of gossiping about him and suddenly hit him twice on the back of his head, told police.

"He hit him twice on the back of his head. Now the deceased dragged himself and fell on concrete on the door.

She entered and Mapfumo strikes her again at the back of her head. She slapped her abdomen on her stomach and she fell, "said Insp Makonese, head of the hospital.

She said that Tushma once shouted before she lost consciousness.

Seeing that Tushuma fainted, Ms. Masuku, who witnessed the attack, woke up her father, Mr. Dabson Masuku, who abstained from Mafumo.

Masuku told Mafumo to take his wife home.

Mafumo allegedly carried unconscious Tumuma to their matrimonial home, where he put it on the bed.

The woman lay motionless until Tuesday morning.

Muffumo slept on the same bed, told the Chronicle.

On Tuesday morning, Muffumo allegedly warned Mr Masuku that his wife was still unconscious.

A report was made to the police that led to the arrest of Mafumo. Tumuma's body was taken to a hospital in Victoria Falls Hospital, waiting for post-mortem.

He is expected to appear in court charged with murder.

Meanwhile, the main inspirer Makonesi urged members of the public to give up using violence to solve the problems.

"We are concerned that we are losing many lives through domestic violence cases, so we would like to persuade members of the public to live peacefully in love, rather than resorting to violence.

If couples feel that they can not solve a problem, they should seek more advice and help from third parties, such as the elders of the church or relatives, because it is a constitutional mandate for protecting lives, "she said.

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