Saturday , October 19 2019
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Cardi B denies a report stating that she has united with offset

The online hip-hop community rejoiced at the news that Cardiff B and Offset united and would continue their relationship, however, Queen Rap said the report was fake. It is said that the duo continues their marriage and returns to their home together in Atlanta. "TMZ why cheat," Cardy replied. "I have not been to the Atlantic since Christmas".

Cardi B announced its division from Offset at the top of December last year. The marriage was stuck with what is speculated that additional women involved in Offset will be. The big profile moved to Cardi's Rolling Loud's performance and continues to dominate the titles.

Although Cardi and Offset are not coming back together and are not currently in the same city, they will be in the upcoming days. Cardi will be on Saturday in Atlanta and will perform alongside her friend Bruno Mars at the State Farm Arena, alongside the Bud Light Festival. Migos is planning to perform on a different night.

The current split pair will be taken over by Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards. Cardi B will be awarded for numerous prizes for the night, while Migos also has several nominations. Hands on invasion of privacy will also pass the scene. While she will not perform during the big game, Cardiff B will have a presence in Super Bowl when she appears in Pepsi's new collection along with the Hip-Hop icon in Lil Jon.

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