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Cardi B confirms that things work out with offset

Earlier today (31 January), it was announced that Cardi B and Offset officially returned together. Now, Cardie has come out to talk more about this issue, and although she does not talk about whether she and Offset officially overstepped things, she clearly tells us that they are moving in that direction.

Cardi gave an update on the status of her marriage to Offset after she appeared in the criminal court in her case with a comic club brawl. Then the journalists asked him The rapper nominated for Grammy for her and Offset. "We work out, baby," replied Bardy, who apparently denied TMZ's report of her return with Offset earlier today.

According to initial reports, Parents of culture returned together and planned to repair their relationship while living under the same roof in Atlanta. Offset allegedly agreed to stop cheating. In addition, Migos rapper changed his phone number to his phone, which is now only for Cardi and his business deals. It also set up a "no group" policy, Super Bowl Weekend in Atlanta.

As for the appearance of her court, Cardi was in the Queens Criminal Court to hear suggestions about her misdemeanor charges stemming from the alleged club attack. She faces charges of misdemeanors, unethical endangerment and assault, which are also the accusations stemming from her breach in the club "Angels of the Lord" back on August 29, 2018. The lawsuit claims that she and her escort threw bottles, chairs and even a hookah tube in two bartenders in the room.

Cardi B returns to court on April 4.

Watch Cardi B confirm that she and Offset are doing the things below.

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