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Binares just burned $ 24m for BNB coins

Binance's management continues to strive to increase the value of their customers.

This week, a Malta-based crypto-exchange exchange completed its eighth spending on the eighth quarterly sign, burning nearly 809,000 BKB tokens, with an estimated value of $ 24m during burns.

Binary coin

The company said that this latest token crowd is the first to its new target for burning 100 million BCB tokens:

"Starting with this spill, Binance will give up BNB tokens awarded to the Binance team and will contribute this BNB to our commitment to burn a total of 100 million BNB. Team Timers for Binars are equated with 40% of the total BNB offer 80,000,000 BNB, currently worth about $ 2,400,000,000). "

The idea? To use deflationary pressure to make BNB tokens worth more in the long run – for example, Not unlike how Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is burnt after every transaction on Kyber Network.

The great symbol of interpretation comes after the exchange took place best from a two-month extension in her youthful history. From May to June 2019, Binance eased around 125 billion dollars – the largest volume of transactions that the platform had in every period to date.

Can the company maintain such fertile content as it fills American users from remains to be seen. But Binance USA comes as well as new margin trading and futures services at In this context, the brand for exchanges has different ways in which it struggles to maintain its dominance in cryptoeconomics.

Binance just presented its new Margin trading service

This week, Binance 2.0 has arrived.

As part of this arrival, a new service for exchanging margins was developed along with the main platform exchange. Both of these services are backed up by a new, advanced trading engine designed to "improve alignment and pressing indexes for calculations at marginal levels to allow lower liquidations," the company said in a statement on July 11th .

As the chief operating officer of the Binans and co-founder Changpeng Zhao explained the news:

"This is yet another step in providing an inclusive trading platform for crypto-currencies, which will meet the needs of both advanced institutional retailers and retailers under the same roof. We provide a new tool in financial services and crypto markets to help increase the sales results of successful trades ".

By activating a new margin trading service, Binance users who have confirmed their identities will now be able to provide collateral for crypto-currency in a separate wallet in order to make craft trades on the platform.

Binance: One-Stop Crypto Shop

As part of the stock market's bid to maintain its most prominent status in cryptoeconomics, Binass earlier this month announced it was also preparing to launch futures for cryptowatch, with futures being the main financial instrument used to speculate on asset prices.

Confirming the upcoming status of the new futures interface, CEO Zhao confirmed at the Asian Blockade Summit in Taiwan that futures of crypto are ready to be the green light for

"Binance will launch a futures platform soon. I still do not have an exact date. The simulation test version will be available in a few weeks."

Will Binyan Join The Libra Foundation?

Representatives of the twin crime exchange may join the Exercise Association, an exchange of founders Cameron and Tyler Winklews observed earlier this week. And there it is said that Ethereum's community representative should join the newly formed body.

Also enter Binance.

This month, the company's chief strategic officer, Jin Chao, commented that an exchange research had been conducted by joining the Exercise Association, although this issue was still in the air. He said:

"We definitely think about it. And so, we would like to throw the hat in the ring. Whether we get up or not, we will see."

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