Friday , February 21 2020
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Axel Tuancebe confirms decision to fight for Manchester United seat

Manchester United's young player Axel Tuancebee has revealed that he had a meeting with Ole Gunnar Solskjaire to decide where his future would be.

The English prospect is linked with another loan spell after a successful season at Aston Villa last season.

Harry Maguire's arrival has raised further doubts about Tanansbee's future, but it seems that Solskjерer had a plan together.

The United Academy product has amazed fans with its performances in the pre-season with the feeling that it should be in front of the likes of Chris Smoking, Phil onesons and Marcos Royo.

Time will tell how much Solskjерer is involved with Tuanzebe in the starting XI, but the initial signs are positive.

Probably Tuanzebe could have some success at United, then in Smolling, O’Neill and Royo will have to move to make way for the first team.

Many expect Solskyyer to partner Victor Lindelof with Harry Maguire, meaning this could leave 21-year-old and Eric Bailey in the running.

However, having Smilling, onesons and Royo as options not only burdens the club's payroll, but it also means that the legendary Norwegian risks also disrupting the dressing room atmosphere as players become unhappy with a lack of minutes.

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