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Are fans like Kim and Kangxi, named son? – Hollywood life

Kim Kardashian and the little blessing of Kaney West, Psalm West is here, and fans are deeply divided in his name.

Kim Kardashian revealed the highly anticipated name of her newborn son, and the reactions are … mixed, to be honest. Psalm West is here, and fans are not sure if they dig the unique religious name it and Kanye West gave their fourth child. Of course, they had to get to ante after naming their other children North, Saint, and Chicago, but Psalm is still a brave choice even in comparison with his brothers and sisters! Many fans are convinced that Kanye just wanted to name the child "God" (or Yeezus), but Kim put a cobb on her, so she had to calm down a little bit less religious.

As some smart people pointed out, the sisters of Kardashia love the word "bible" when they say they are telling the truth. Psalm is a biblical anthem – it works! Many jumped on that good Bible humor while discussing the name of the new baby. "The Psalm of the West, at least I did not call Deuteronomy to the baby. 🤷🏽♀️", a twitter twitter. "When the Psalm of the West turns 23, it will go through the valley of the shadow and will not be afraid of evil," joked another. (psst, this is Psalm 23). One worshiper suggested that it would be colder if they named him after another Bible passage: Exodus. Okay, Exodus West looks pretty bad. An important comment, but a good point – even if the names of Psalm and his brothers and sisters are unconventional, "fortunately, they will grow rich."

Other fans are obsessed with the name of the little one. After all, what else would you expect the couple to extra like Kim and Kanyi? "The Psalm of the West is cute," a fan of Twitter. "All the names of their children are unique and they never met anyone called North, Chicago, the Saint, or the Psalm." Meanwhile, all the 10 first and middle names are recycled. "Good point! "Psalm West sound sound cool like f ** k will not lie," wrote another. Kim's announcement for Instagram was full of comments for support. "Wowww which is so beautiful! Full names !! I love it !! ♥ ️ ♥ ️🙌🏾", one of her followers commented, with another writing: "Stop hate merely appreciate the beautiful picture and welcome to this crazy world baby West ". Amen!

If Kim and Kani have a fifth child somewhere along the line (hey, Kanjue said he wants seven!), We'll see a naming scheme. Daughters are locations, the sons are religious. What will be next? Oh, and by the way, if you are just as confused as everyone else: THIS is how you pronounce the Psalm.

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