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Apex Legends Season 2 The first details are revealed

Earlier this year, Respawn and EA announced their free game for the Battle of Royal, Apex Legends. The game was an instant hit and reached 50 million players before it started to drop quickly. One of the main reasons for its decline is very likely the lack of content after the launch and the battle crossing was not exactly the pleasure of everyone. It goes without saying that the game needs more constant update, as Fortune gets and hopefully Apex Legends Season 2 delivers.

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Unfortunately, developers did not find us when Apex Legends Season 2 released, but did not mention that they always planned the game to be seasonal. Now, Respawn shared the first details of the Apex Legends Season 2 and what the players can expect. This comes from an official post from the developer, where he updated the community for their planned fixes, which are their first priorities and more.

With this post comes the first details of Apex Legends Season 2. Although the details are on the light side and no release date has been released, there are some interesting tidbits, of which the most exciting are, in my opinion, that the site will change. The waste first explains that: "The beginning of each season will begin with a big new battle pass, a new Legend, something new about the target, and much more."

Then, Respawn goes in a little more detail, revealing that:

At EA PLAY in June, we will give you the first details of what you can expect from Season 2. We've seen all of the feedback for Season 1 and look forward to showing you the improvements we make. For Season 2 you can expect a battle with very important content, the introduction of the new Legend, new weapons debut. . . and I did not expect the Royal Canyon to remain the same forever, right?

It's more than a month and a half, without even hearing more about the new content. Apex Legends Season 2 is expected to be released in late June or early July. I, for one, just hope it's not too late, because the game loses momentum quickly.

The things assigned to the programmer are also detailed and you can read about them below:

Slow server efficiency at the start of the game

So far, we know that it affects some data centers more than others, it happens on many different server configurations, and it does not seem to hit multiple server instances running on the same machine. In other words, it's not that the machine is overloaded and it all works too slowly on it – it's that an example on the same machine seems to be doing more work than others, and we are trying to swear what works and work backwards for to understand the underlying cause. This is an extremely high priority for us, and we will inform you about our progress.

Audio issues

We are currently testing some potential fixes, which I hope will cover many of the performance problems we have seen.


We worked a lot behind the scenes. This is something that will always be more mysterious to avoid wiring our fraudsters' moves, but we will share more about the progress made next week.

Hit Registration Issues

We add engine functions to help find and report cases of improper registration in playtests so that we can force the bug and continually reproduce the problem. While we have made some progress with some repairs at the local level, more work needs to be done to address the root of the problem.

What do you hope to see in Apex Legends Season 2? Tell us in the comments section below.



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