Friday , April 16 2021

ANK wants Malém to return

ANC Secretary General Ace Magnauleee for the first time revealed that the party wants EFF's leader Julius Maléma to return to the divided organization.

"I love Julius, I'm talking to him to get home," Magnaule said.

He said Malema must return to the ANC with his supporters.

Magathoule, accompanied by members of the National Executive Committee Dakota Legoe and Led Zeppelin, spokesman of the War Veterans Association Umhuntu Karl Nhauhaus and provincial leaders such as Kenetz Mosenyi for ANC supporters, while on the campaign path in the Ikengeng district in Tloke, Northwest today that he "loves" Malema.

This week, Malémé said the EFF will review coalition talks with the ANC after the May 8th general elections.

In 2012, Malema was expelled from his post as president of the ANC Youth League, as well as from the party, for allegedly sowing divisions and bringing the party to jail.

Magnaule said black people are now smarter than white people. He said black students have proven that former National Party leader Hendrick Waverward is wrongly surprised by mathematics and science.

"Verwoerd is crazy everywhere he is. If we properly teach our children, everything will be fine."

He said he wanted to see many engineers and graduated economists.

Leader of EFF Julius Maleme. Picture: Dejan Vivier

Magnaulee said he would take four students from Iqeng in Cuba to study care and instruction. He said he met the students who completed the matrix a few years ago while doing door-to-door campaigning today.

Along with the unemployed students, Magnaule also met with other residents who, as he said, were hoping for the future. However, residents raised issues such as the lack of electricity, water and jobs.

Mayaguule pleaded with ANC supporters not to vote for other parties.

"The ANC has 25 years of experience. If you choose other parties, it will take you five years to gain experience, they will not know where to get the money," he said.

BP has called ANC supporters to vote for a party that has done a lot for them.

At a meeting with the elderly, Susan Ranectene told Magnaul that the ANC should stop sending retirees to parliament and give young people the chance.

In response, Magnaule said he would convey the message to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Mayaguule said that Ikengen residents told the party they wanted the ANC, but that the ANC leaders should stop coming to them only during the elections.

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