Monday , June 14 2021

Angola: Colera claims fifteen lives in ten months in Uighur

Wiggs – At least fifteen people have died from cholera in Wuge Province in the last ten months of 1,500 cases of the disease reported in the region, said the director of the Provincial Office for Health Care in Ugueta, Madalena Diogo.

According to officials, from December 2017 to June this year, 899 cases were registered by health authorities, causing thirteen deaths. As early as September this year, with the outbreak of the disease, so far there have been 156 cases and two deaths, in total amount of 1.055 cases.

He added that there are teams designed to fight the disease and that they mobilize the population in remote areas to strengthen preventive measures aimed at stopping cholera.

"The Provincial and Joint Technical Commission to Combat Epidemics has developed efforts through sessions for sensitization and lectures, community meetings, distribution of water tablets, disinfection of cacimbas and rehabilitation of fountains," Madalena Diogo said.

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