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Andil-Dwayne battle the benefits of Protas in the Newlands – Citizen

Are the two bowls with all rounded edges doing a special boiler?

Proteas will believe that there is some logic on the issue after Andil Feluccio and Duane Pretorius were leading roles in limiting Pakistan to 240/8 in the fifth and decisive ODI in Newlands on Wednesday.

Potentially competing for one place in a combination of the World Cup in South Africa, the duo did not do much to secure clarity.

Presented for the franchise teammate Beuran Hendricks, Pretorus showed skill and control in claim 2/46 in 10 permanent transfer.

The Great Star of Highway Lyons struck a major blow when it created the dangerous Babar Azam (24), after the stylish coaster went too far into his logs.

He followed the sentence of Mohammad Rizvan.

Flechluckey, who claimed to be the best in his career in the second ODI in Durban, also recovered from two young outings to praise 2: 42 in nine matches.

For all the reasons, the 22-year-old had an even greater influence, covering up the scalp of two kings, Fahhar Zaman – who achieved a great weight of 70 years, as well as experienced Mohammed Hafeez.

The total number of Pakistan could be smaller if it failed to seize Protas, and Hashim Amla to oust Fahhar in the 20th place.

Overall, South Africa supported the decision by captain Faye du Plessis to bow first, with only incredible, unbeatable 47 goals from 31 balls, helping to add some respectability to the result.

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