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And the world's largest car maker for sale in 2018 was …

The results are in, people. The major car groups fighting for the title of the world's largest carmaker have released their sales statistics for 2018.

So, what happened last year? Well, as usual, things are a little complicated (such as premium sales battle) …

You see, the various brands of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi sell a total 10 756 875 units over 12 months, an increase of 1.4 percent, year on year. The alliance thus claimed that "it retained its position as a world leader in the volume of sales of passenger and light commercial vehicles".

And it's technically true. But earlier in January, the Volkswagen Group announced a total sales of 10,834,000 units, down by 0.9 percent. However, this includes Mann (136 500) and Scania (96 500) sales of heavy trucks. If these two are removed from the equation, the total passenger and light commercial sales of the VW group 10 601 000 units, putting the German company in second place.

And Toyota Motor Corporation? Well, the Japanese company posted sales of 10,594,000 for 2018, an increase of about 2.0 percent over a year. While this figure clearly includes the brands of Lexus and Daihatsu, it also takes into account Toyota's Hino heavy truck (204,000). Removing the second from the calculation puts Toyota in third place 10 390 000 passenger and light commercial sales for the year (although as the only brand, it's the biggest one).

Reflecting on the figures of the Alliance, we see that Groupe Renault (including Renault, Dacia, Lada and Alpine) is 3 884 295 units, while Nissan has managed 5 653 683 units. Mitsubishi, meanwhile, finished 1 218 897 units worldwide, an increase of 18.3 percent.

The largest total amount of the VW group is expected from Volkswagen (6 244 900), Audi (1 812 500), Skoda (1 253 700) and Seat (517 600) next line. The commercial division of the VW added 499,700 units, while Porsche accounted for 256,300 sales units.

Article written by Ryan Buber

Ryan Buber

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