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ANC to unite to fight such killings at Cape Farm led to job losses

While the ANC and TA put it together to fight farm attacks, an agricultural expert has expressed concerns about job losses. File Image: Henk Kruger / African News Agency

Cape Town – As ANC and TA put their head together to fight farm attacks, an agricultural expert has expressed concern over job losses in the entire agricultural value chain due to farm killings.

On Wednesday, Opposition Leader in the provincial parliament, Cameron Dougmore, said: "We will oppose the temptation to make crime a political issue of the party.

"I have a task to establish a meeting later with Prime Minister Wind and a joint meeting with Minister Belki Cele as soon as possible.

"Now, more than ever, we must focus on a unified strategy to make our rural and urban communities safe and secure for all.

"As an ANC shadow cabinet, we are absolutely committed to working together with our national, provincial and local governments – and most importantly our communities – to make our province safe."

In a live Facebook broadcast after the cabinet's provincial cabinet meeting on this issue, Wayne said that the pharmaceutical attacks and killings were "an important issue for us throughout the board."

"The killing is really a big deal for us. In the last six months we had 1 875 murders in this province."

Agriculture MEC Ivan Meyer, who runs the issue of rural security on behalf of the cabinet, spoke after the provincial cabinet and said: "The Cabinet today (Wednesday) decided to give priority to rural security in our community, and especially the government today decided to appoint an interministerial a commission to review the rural safety of the farmer and agricultural workers in this province. "

"The provincial government has set up an inter-ministerial commission on rural security, which will, inter alia, review and review our security plan in rural areas.

"Tomorrow (today, June 6), the Prime Minister and I will meet Agri Western Cape to discuss this issue further.

"Working with community security, we will also extend our monitoring of trial to court cases in rural cases, to ensure that criminals do not give up bad trials."

For the weekly murder of Stephen Smith, owner of the Louiesenhof wreck near Stellenbosch, Dagmore said: "The tragic murder has shocked us deeply. Our ANC Shadow MEC for Agriculture, Pat Maran and the MEC for Community Safety, Messuli Kama, are tasked to provide direct support and assistance to SAPS while carrying out those responsible for this brutal murder. "

Jani Stride, Chief Executive Officer of Agri Western Cape, said the killing of a farmer had a huge impact on the entire chain of agricultural values.

"When an agricultural producer is killed, the farm's production processes are very often interrupted and this affects food production."
Strydom said that the volatility that followed the killing of a farmer "affects the capacity of the agricultural sector to create and secure jobs.

"It also puts the whole value chain, which requires a raw product under pressure, which can also adversely affect employment."


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