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ACDP wants 'satanic' artwork removed from screen at CZN school

CAPE TOWN – The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) said on Tuesday it shares serious concerns expressed by many Christians about the content of a final art project of Grade 12 students at the Granthill School in Richard's Bay.

"We have learned from a widely circulated video from a parent of the school that the project depicts, among other things, Jesus Christ and other Bible figures in a very offensive way. In addition, the artwork includes torn pages of the Bible, which are considered to be sacred and inspired by the Word of God.

A private school that prides itself on its "Christian ethos" has come under fire from parents and the Christian community after allowing a matric student to display several works of art that mocked Jesus as a clown at his awards ceremony.

The party said the project, which aims to justify the artist's journey to atheism, was, according to him, blasphemous and deeply offensive to many Christians.

"In our view, it cannot be justified under the freedom of artistic creativity and can be confined to hate speech and religious intolerance. It is important that freedom of expression, which includes freedom of artistic creativity, must be balanced in terms of the right of Christians to respect their faith, as enshrined in the right to freedom of religion, ”the statement said.

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