Monday , June 14 2021

A debit card with a built-in fingerprint scanner was tested

UK bank NatWest is testing a new debit card that uses a built-in fingerprint scanner as a replacement for PIN.

Fingerprint data is stored within the card, which means that hackers can not steal data from the bank's database.

Currently, due to the "ease with which NFC cards can be used fraudulently", this payment method is subject to a limit of £ 30 in the UK.

However, the proposed NatWest card would potentially allow this limit to be removed.

To report their fingerprint, users will need to visit the bank branch – although Gemalto, behind the technology, hopes that users will be able to use their phones to do so in the future.

This technology was previously tested from Mastercard in South Africa in 2017, but did not catch.

See how technology works below.

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