Monday , October 25 2021

A case of cholera was reported in Limpopo, recovering the patient


After the outbreak of cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe, the Limpopo Department of Health called community members to prioritize hygiene after the case of cholera was reported in Blouberg.

The department issued a statement confirming that one of the patients was diagnosed with cholera and recovering well in the hospital.

"The case of cholera was confirmed in Alldays, in the Blouberg region of the Limpopo province." The case concerns an itinerant agricultural worker from Zimbabwe who works and lives in Alldays, "reads the statement.

According to the department, it is believed that the employee visited Zimbabwe two weeks ago and came back to Alldays Clinic with severe watery diarrhea and vomiting. Then he was transferred to the Helen Franz Hospital for further management. After the laboratory tests, a cholera case was confirmed on the sample taken from the patient.

Department spokesman Neil Shikwambana confirmed that the incident is isolated and they are in the process of further evaluation of the situation.

"We have been very vigilant since the outbreak in Zimbabwe, which killed us two months ago," he said.

However, community encouraging departments are encouraged to practice proper hygiene and sanitation by washing their hands with soap and running water after using the toilet; before eating and after eating, washing vegetables and fruits before eating, drinking water only from a safe source or sterilizing or cooking before consumption.

The department launched an Outbreak Response team and acted quickly after notifications to conduct further epidemiological and environmental investigations on the farm in which the employee lives and in all possible risk areas. – Health news.

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