Wednesday , January 20 2021

150 missing on a shipwreck in eastern Congo

KINSHASA: About 150 people are missing since the ship sank to the lake in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, President Felix Tshisikide said on Tuesday.

"I am very grieved by the pie shipwreck on Monday, April 15, at the Lake of Kivu. The temporary recovery is 150 people missing," Tshisekedi told a Twitter account of his office.

Delfin Mbribibi, a local activist in the southern Kivu province, told Reuters that the ship, which had withdrawn from the northern Kivu province, crashed to a lake near the Kaleh territory.

He said three bodies were found, 33 people were rescued and another 150 passengers were missing.

Tshisekedi said he carefully monitors the situation "in order to identify and sanction the responsible ones."

Deadly ship accidents are common in Congo, a large, forested country that has several roads outside the major cities and where boats are often loaded far beyond their capacity.

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